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Eva Salyer Art

Picasso On Crack - Original Painting

Picasso On Crack - Original Painting

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SIZE: 20" wide x 24" tall x .5" depth
Please allow up to 3 weeks, for delivery time. Shipping is included with original paintings. This is an original one-of-a-kind acrylic painting on canvas by Eva Salyer.

about this art:
"The world doesn't make sense so why should I paint pictures that do." - Pablo Picasso
I was showing one of my other paintings (called Eyeballs) to this art group on fb that has more than 1 million people in it. Someone mentioned that my art "looked like picasso on crack", and that was all it took. I know how to take a compliment when it comes ;) LOL.  That seed grew into an actual idea and realized in this painting. I had so much fun making this weird side face nod to cubism and Pablo himself. The word PABLO is spelled out in the background.  Some of my most poignant and hilarious art comes from something silly happening and *poof* this idea comes. This art is a conversation piece waiting to happen on your wall.

fun fact: this is a repainting of a painted canvas I was gifted. I used to use meth and have been recovered for more than a decade. Its not ironic that meth and crack pipes are both featured as a repeating pattern in the background. 

This palette: pretty much the whole rainbow with the major color being quinacridone red, purple, and lavender + gold acrylic paint pens

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