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Eva Salyer Art

Liberty - Original Painting

Liberty - Original Painting

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SIZE: 14" wide x 11" tall x .5" depth
Please allow up to 3 weeks, for delivery time. Shipping is included with original paintings.
This is an original one-of-a-kind acrylic painting on canvas by Eva Salyer.

about this art:
This art is about genocide. This art is about feeling helpless. This painting is about how it feels to look up the word LIBERTY in the dictionary and aligning with the word. But then looking up at modern society and wondering why people think it's ok to mass murder. What can liberate us from genocide? Who is free?

This palette: pthalo green, blue green, quinacridone purple, and yellow ochre, tiny bit of cobalt
To see this art in person, please visit:
Mac & Miller gift shop, 122 mill street, in Grass Valley, California!

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