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Eva Salyer Art

Frida With Antlers - Original Painting

Frida With Antlers - Original Painting

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SIZE: 12" tall x 12" wide x 1.5" depth
Please allow up to 3 weeks, for delivery time. Shipping is included with original paintings.
This is an original one-of-a-kind acrylic painting on canvas by Eva Salyer.

about this art:
In December 2023, I went into an art cave to try and find my true art style. I came out with 12 Frida paintings, I curated it down to 10 and called it a series. I started this one and it ended up with antlers and hooves. I thought I was sooooo original. Then I had a memory... and I googled "Frida with Antlers". LO AND BEHOLD I found a painting Frida herself painted of herself with antlers. Paying homage to my spirit animal in funny ways with this series.

fun fact: I did not honestly intend to copy an idea for a painting. I would say this is a show of respect in no way trying to be a version of the original, by Frida Kahlo. The painting whispered "antlers" and I barely had anything to do with it.

This palette: blue green, yellow ochre, and phthalo green, hansa and cadmium yellow, burnt umber, raw sienna, silver, pyrole orange, cadmium organge, carbon black
To see this art in person, please visit:
Mac & Miller gift shop, 122 mill street, in Grass Valley, California!

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