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Eva Salyer Art

Frida With A Blunt - Original Painting

Frida With A Blunt - Original Painting

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SIZE: 12" x 12" square x 1.5" depth
Please allow up to 3 weeks, for delivery time. Shipping is included with original paintings.
This is an original one-of-a-kind acrylic painting on canvas by Eva Salyer.

about this art:
In December 2023, I went into an art cave to try and find my true art style. I came out with 12 Frida paintings, I curated it down to 10 and called it a series. I knew I was going to paint Frida with a Blunt as soon as the series began, she was the second one to come out... and here she is! "smokin' hot" haha!  
Frida was an avid lover of cigarettes, tequila, and curse words. I'm pretty sure she would be appreciating and partaking in our modern times of marijuana dispensaries. This art celebrates her rebellious nature that I am drawn to!

Fun fact: did you know I have a tattoo of Frida on my right wrist? It's my favorite tattoo. done by Eleanor Bon Bon at Unicorn Tattoo in Sonora, CA.

This palette: blue green, yellow ochre, and phthalo green quinacridone purple, quinacridone red, hansa and cadmium yellow, yellow green and medium green in the background.
To see this art in person, please visit:
Mac & Miller gift shop, 122 mill street, in Grass Valley, California!

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